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Perfectly Posh NEW Fall/Winter Line Release!

I know, I know, I am late in the game! A lot of crazy stuff has been going on in our household and it has left me behind! Which means you all are behind too!

At Unconventional for Perfectly Posh they announced OVER 50 new products for the new Fall/Winter line. There are so many fun new pampering items that you aren’t going to know which one to purchase first! There was also a major announcement about PERKS!

Throughout this week I will be updating the blog with the new products so you can see what they are and what they do. I will make sure to get these up as soon as possible so you can start learning about these new naturally based pampering products from Perfectly Posh. I know you want to know how to best take care of your skin so I will be sure to get all the information you need in order to do that!

Now, I want to talk about this new amazing Perks program that Perfectly Posh has just come out with. This is something you are going to fall in love with!

The Perks Rewards Program allows you to earn Perks (i.e. “points”) to apply toward products, special exclusive items, samples, and much more. It’s simple: just create an account online, earn perks in a variety of ways, and redeem them WHEN you want for WHAT you want!

Earning Perks is Easy

We’ve made it simple, so start earning TODAY!


per $1 spent

Shop and earn Perks on every item you buy.


upon sign up

Create an account and earn Perks right away.


on your birthday

Happy Birthday! You deserve extra Perks for being born.


as a loyalty reward

Purchase every month for 3 consecutive months to earn more.

Share for More

Opportunities abound to include your friends and earn more Perks.

So basically you are getting REWARDED for shopping and sharing the amazing naturally based pampering that Perfectly Posh has to offer to you.

Take the time to sign up for your Perks today! You will start earning them right away! go to www.perfectposhparty.com and follow the steps to signing up for the FREE perks program!

Keep your eyes on the blog because I will be updating more information about Perks as well as more details on the new products!


Bummed and I need to share- Perfectly Posh Unconventional news

I am so bummed right now and this is really the only place I can share why. I am bummed because next week is Perfectly Posh Unconventional in Atlanta and I can’t go! Between family obligations, health concerns and other fun (not so fun) stuff I can’t make it out! I haven’t been this bummed in a long long time because I know how amazing and beneficial this event is for anyone who is a Perfectly Posh Consultant. Last year I learned so much at Perfectly Posh Unconventional Las Vegas and I built so many friendships that I know will go on forever and ever! I was able to hear from the founders, other guest speakers and see how to effectively expand my Perfectly Posh business. I was able to be one of the first to see the new products, try the new products and get my hands on the new catalog. I ate up every moment. It wasn’t all business, it was a lot of fun too! There were games and prizes and even free time to explore the strip. Sigh….. I know this post is rambly and not as upbeat as I usually keep things but I am bummed and I need to share.

So jealous of all the lovely Perfectly Posh consultants that will be enjoying Unconventional in Atlanta this year. NEXT year I will be with you!

Perfectly Posh Unconventional 3 New Fall Line

I was able to attend the annual Unconventional event for Perfectly Posh. This year was our third one and it was in Las Vegas! It was so amazing to get together with the other consultants, get to meet up with so many of my friends and learn and play together! We attended classes, we heard from speakers and we got to test the BRAND NEW PRODUCTS for the new fall line.

I can’t believe how lucky I am to be a part of this business and especially here in the beginning. We have really started to climb the charts with sales and our brand is really getting out there. I am loving seeing the business grow from year to year and gain from it! My business is booming along with the businesses of other consultants.

I got to meet up with the founders of Posh this last week at Unconventional and I can really say that they love and care about each and every one of the consultants. They want us to grow and they want us to have all the success in the world. They know our names and they know how hard we are working! I could not believe how much it felt like coming home to my family when we got there to the Unconventional. It was like we had been away from our family and we had finally been reunited. All of the consultants are like brothers and sisters.

Forty six new products were introduced into the new Fall line! Some really amazing items! I will be posting again soon with all the updates on the new products!

Perfectly Posh Unconventional #3 in Las Vegas


Each year we are able to get together as Perfectly Posh Independent Consultants. Perfectly Posh doesn’t fit into the normal social sales molds so we call our convention “Unconventional”, that is what we are! We are unconventional and we are really proud of that! This year our big event is going to be in the wonderful city of Las Vegas, Nevada. I am getting so excited because it is only 29 days away!

At this event we are able to meet and hear from our wonderful founders. They speak with us, they teach us and the meet us! Our founders really take the time to get to know each and every one of the consultants. If you are able to go to Unconventional you will be happy to know that you will get many opportunities to meet your founders! This is something that doesn’t often happen with other social sales companies, usually the founders give one speech the whole week and then they are gone. It is not that way with Perfectly Posh. Our founders are very involved with us and they love us!


We have many great classes where we are able to break out and learn from top leaders in the company. As a Premier I am able to take the time and present information on a variety of topics. My fellow Premiers will also be teaching in small forums where we are able to take questions and really help all the consultants get to the next level. With Perfectly Posh we want to make sure we are helping everyone be the best they can and build the strongest business they can. If you are an Independent Consultant with Posh you want to make sure you are able to come to some of these break out sessions run by the Premiers!

There are keynote speakers that will blow your mind. I can’t say who is the main speaker this year but I can say you will be so happy to be able to hear from this person! Perfectly Posh has done an amazing job making sure we can hear from people that are not only going to be able to improve our businesses but also improve our lives and ourselves.


We have parties and awards! It isn’t all about business, it is also about fun! As a Premier Independent Consultant for Perfectly Posh I can tell you we have been planning fun events for months and months! We are going to be kicking off loads of new products! We will be handing out awards! We will be dancing together! It is going to be one big party! Make sure you bring your dancing shoes!

Just wanted to write this post because I am getting so excited for Unconventional 3!!!! 29 days and counting!

Perfectly Posh Unconventional 2014 Las Vegas

Each year the Perfectly Posh consultants get the opportunity to come together at our annual Unconventional. This is a chance to celebrate and learn together. A chance to get to know each other. It is a chance to set business goals and gain the tools to reach them.

It is called “Unconventional” because as Perfectly Posh consultants we pride ourselves in being different from the other social sales companies out there. We allow people to join at 16, which is unheard of! We have so many contests and awards! We are more of a family than any other social sales company out there. We are all in this together and we support each other where we need to. So when we all get together, it is anything but ordinary!

This year we are getting together in the beautiful city of Las Vegas. We will have the opportunity to stay in the hotel our convention is in and share rooms with consultants like us. We have the chance to dine, talk, and learn with people who are in this with us. Perfectly Posh Unconventional 2014 is going to be a week to remember. I am so looking forward to going myself and I am really hoping many of my team members will attend with me.

It is important to share ideas and goals with fellow Perfectly Posh consultants. That is why this Perfectly Posh Unconventional 2014 is such an important event to us. Having a family relationship with those on our team is something we pride ourselves in. Of course you want to help your family members be the best they can be! We can do this by getting together and sharing how we build our own businesses. And, what better way to reach your goals than to have someone you love hold you to it? That is what I really love about Perfectly Posh Unconventional 2014. It is a chance to help people we love get to where they want to be with their business.



We will be testing products, finding out about new releases, and hearing from the founders of Perfectly Posh. We will be dining together. We will be playing together. All in all, Perfectly Posh Unconventional 2014 is where you want to be in August. Make sure you take the time to enroll today!

Please, let me know if you have any questions about joining the Perfectly Posh team. Or, if you have questions about how you can attend Perfectly Posh Unconventional 2014.

Candace Ellis