Perfectly Posh Specialty Face

There are many different skin types out there. Many of us have different needs for facial skin care than others. This is why Perfectly Posh has developed the specialty face line. It is a line of products that are unique and made to help with all kinds of skin types. You can find a mask that will help with your dry skin, or if you have an over abundance of oil production on your face you can find a mask for that.


Moisturizing Face Mask


Get the skin of your dreams with this blend of sensational fruits and apricot extract that leaves your skin feeling supple and soft—the perfect overnight companion for intense moisture. Tangerine and lime extracts increase healthy skin tones while rosewood and mango reinforce cellular rejuvenation.

Face Mask


It’s a mineral mixture thousands of years in the making and a unique compound only found half-way around the globe. Our exclusive, super-nutrient treatment gives you the freshest face you’ve had in a long time. Deep-cleansing kaolin combined with mineral-infusing mud will keep you looking bright, youthful, and Drop Dead Gorgeous.
Face Mask


You can’t remove pores completely, but now you can make them as small as possible! Our unique and natural blend of fruits and essential oils cleans and tightens pores, soothes irritated skin, and leaves you with a beautifully smooth complexion. It’s not recommended for use on your entire face, so spot-treat problem areas as needed. And if you listen carefully enough you might hear your pores exclaiming, “I’m Shrinking!”
De-Puffing Eye Serum


You can’t always avoid the late nights and early mornings, but now you can look like you always get your 7–8 hours. A natural blend of cucumber extracts, caffeine, CoQ10, polypeptides, and more will make your eyes look devilishly alert, tight, and sexy. Just apply a small pump of this potion to puffy, tired eyes and watch them become playful and awake. It’s like a full night’s sleep in a bottle!
Face Mask


How much can you accomplish in a minute? If you’re looking for a clean, brighter complexion, a minute is all you need. Get a fresher face faster with our natural glycolic treatment. Deep clean pores, remove dry, dead skin, and reveal vibrant, beautiful skin in a New York minute!
Face Mask


Red, irritated skin? Go green! Made with Kale, spinach, parsley, and arugula, our Kale Face mask is rich in Vitamin K which helps soothe skin and reduce redness and irritation. Just apply this cool, green gel and allow it to work its magic. Then rinse away and reveal, calm, smooth skin. Sometimes, it is easy being green.
Specialty Face


Myristoyl Pentapeptide. It may be a mouthful, but it’s one worth learning about. These peptides are the most prominent ingredient in Lash Pop! and will help naturally extend and bulk up your lashes. This blend of ingredients encourages eyelash growth by stimulating the keratin genes responsible for long, thick lashes. Apply to a clean lash line twice daily. Many will see results in as little as two weeks, and full effects in about three months.

Mascara not doing enough? Thicken and elongate your natural lashes with Lash Pop and get the perfect, flirty gaze without tons of makeup!

Specialty Face


If you loved Under Wonder primer before, you’ll be amazed at what it does for you now! This new formula gives your skin a smooth, elegant look. Your makeup glides on with a classic matte finish. Pores and small flaws disappear and give you a beautiful finish that lasts. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!
Specialty Face


Harsh, winter wind, snow, and cold can wreak havoc on your skin, especially on your face. Moisturize and protect delicate skin with coconut and olive oils mixed with a unique blend of California fruit and flower essential oils. Combine these with rich shea and cocoa butters for amazing protection against winter’s worst.
Face Mask


Posh presents a mask treatment kit that targets the specific pampering needs of your face. Brush on our biodynamic ingredients where you need their benefits to promote naturally healthy and beautiful skin.

We offer products to help with anti aging as well as items that help with acne and skin issues. You can find products that your skin will soak up and you will never go back.

All of our products are buy 5 get 1 free. Make sure you use this to your advantage when you are purchasing your pampering products. Get items for free and add that up for savings!You also earn free Perks points with every single purchase. These add up to where you can get FREE pampering products! Sign up for your account today and get earning those perks right away.

Contact Independent Consultant, Candace Ellis, for any questions


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