Perfectly Posh Apothecary

Sometimes our bodies need more than just pampering. Sometimes we need that extra piece to the puzzle to keep us feeling our best and help that pampering go just a little deeper. This is why Perfectly Posh has come up with the Apothecary collection of products. These are products that are going to help your muscles relax, they will help you clear your senses. Give you that extra step of pampering so you feel your best.


Muscle Therapy


Touch up tired muscles with a bit of hot pepper added to skin-loving cocoa butter. Massage generously for a deep down calm. Amplify the effect by applying a warm towel or low heat electric pad. Pamper those tired, aching muscles. Who knew hot pepper could be so soothing?

Muscle Therapy


Aches and pains don’t stop just because you’re busy! Take along the Hot Pepper Muscle Stick so you can have soothing relief any time. With a mild scent of berries, peach, rose, and geranium, you’ll never experience the overwhelming medicinal smell other products leave behind. Our special blend of dense, rich shea butter and hot pepper capsicum comes in this compact, easy-to-carry stick that makes it perfect for touching up sore spots all day long.


Naturally soothe congestion pain and irritation with a delightful essential oil blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, pink grapefruit, and tea tree. Use liberally on skin and in the shower.

Solid Lotion Bar


Tough, dry, abused skin needs a protective, healing coat of our Rehab Solid Lotion Bar. Ideal for use on cracked, over-washed, or overworked skin, our beeswax and rich shea butter tin provides you with long-lasting, intense moisture lock with a gentle orange and vanilla scent. Start your rehab today!

Remember, all of our products are buy 5 get 1 free. This means you can get your Apothecary pampering as well as your other pampering and take advantage of our deal. You are also able to earn Perks points with every single purchase. Those points add up and you can use them to get FREE products!Sign up for your free Perfectly Posh Perks account today and start earning your points right away!Contact Independent Consultant, Candace Ellis, with any questions you might have

Candace Ellis



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