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I am always looking to build my team of Perfectly Posh Consultants! Here is information on why you might want to join and how to get involved!

Own your own business. With being a Perfectly Posh Consultant you own your own business and are able to run it the way you want to. Don’t worry about working certain hours or following the demands of a boss, because you are your own boss! You can be creative and truly make something you can be proud of.

-Flexible schedule. This company is designed to take things at your own speed. You might be able to work on things for 30 minutes one week and then 30 hours the next. The benefit is that you can take things at your own speed and work about your own schedule. We have training you can log into at any time of day. You have a team of consultants you can turn to through everything. You have all the tools and resources you need to make this work at the speed you are able to.

-Promote American economy. The products provided by Perfectly Posh are made in the USA. By becoming a Perfectly Posh Consultant you will be helping to promote high quality products made here. Plus you are adding another American business! You are running your own personal business that helps feed the economy.

-20% commission right off the bat. There aren’t many companies that will start you off as high as 20% but with being a Perfectly Posh consultant you start at 20% and build from there. You can always count on getting that 20% commission, but why not build up to 30% or 31%!?!

-Fun. It is fun to throw parties and help people feel pampered. That is what these products are all about, making sure everyone has the opportunity to feel special and taken care of. Even the online atmosphere is really fun. Our team is really involved on Facebook, making it easy to get to know others and adds that easy access resource that so many of us want.

-All Natural. Posh is dedicated to making sure every product they put out is all natural and doesn’t have fillers in it. You will find ingredients like shea butter and essential oils on our labels. You know when you promote these items you are selling all natural high quality stuff.

-Move-able. This isn’t a business that has to stay in one state. Whether you are my neighbor or you live across the country you can be a part of my team! You can also move the business with you if you need to relocate. You can take it along with you wherever you go!


There are so many more benefits to becoming a Perfectly Posh consultant and I would love to tell you more but that would be better done face to face or ear to ear! Let’s get in touch and get your questions answered.

You can call me at 801-633-9174 for information on the team and I would be happy to sign you up.

Email works too! My personal email address is

There is also a contact form below to fill out for more information.

Please take the time to look around at the amazing products you would have the opportunity to promote by becoming a Perfectly Posh consultant. Then join me today!


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