Perfectly Posh Bath Bombs

Does anyone take a normal bubble bath anymore? No! With the different soaps and bottles and things we don’t have time to fidget around. That is why these bath bomb Bubble Bars by Perfectly Posh are so wonderful. Drop in some of the bomb and your bath is fizzing and ready for pampering your sore tired body. Use the whole bomb at once or crush it and use it a little at a time, either way you are going to have a bath unlike any other you have ever had.

These bath bombs are made with all natural ingredients designed to moisturize and relax your busy body. With different Bubble Bar bombs for different moods you are sure to find one that will suit your fancy. Perfectly Posh has made these bombs with safe ingredients making it something you don’t mind your kids using every once in a while (if you are willing to share, that is).

It is important for busy parents to take time out of the day and relax into a warm bath. Make that experience even better with the wonderful, fizz, bubble and scent from one of these amazing Perfectly Posh bath bombs.

Bag of Bombs


Bomb your bath with softness courtesy of our shea butter, sea salt, and fabulous mint bath bomb. Moisturize, relax, and emerge from your bath feeling amaaazing indeed!

9 oz (6 bombs at 15 oz ea)
Bag of Bombs


Drop this bomb into your bath for a frothy, whipped chai delight. With soothing sunflower oil and cleansing witch hazel, your skin will thank you!
9 oz (6 bombs at 15 oz ea)

These are also items that qualify for our buy 5 get 1 free deal! Get set up with all the Bath bombs you have come to love and make sure you are earning free products from Posh! We want to make sure you get all the pampering you need and the biggest bang for your buck! You also earn Perks points with EVERY SINGLE purchase! Earn the perks now and use them on future pampering purchases!

You can also earn free credit and half priced items like our Bath Bombs by hosting a party with me! Whether it is online, or a home party you have the chance of getting set up with free products. Contact me to get set up with your Perfectly Posh party today!

Bath Bombs are for EVERYONE!

Don’t forget to contact me about getting set up on the Perfectly Posh team! We would love to have your help in promoting these amazing bath bombs as well as the other fabulous pampering products posh has to offer!

Contact Independent Consultant Candace Ellis to get set up with your all natural pampering products:


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