Perfectly Posh Manly Posh Line – Pampering for Men

We don’t give our men enough credit. Let’s talk about how we can get them the pampering and skin care they need while still making them feel manly and strong.

Everyone deserves to be pampered. It isn’t just something that is reserved for women. Men work hard. Men need skin care. Men deserve naturally based pampering just like anyone else. This is a big reason why Perfectly Posh took the time to create the Many Posh line. This is a pampering line made just for men and what their needs are.

Get the closest shave. Get the smooth skin your woman loves. Smell great. All of these things are possible when using the Manly Posh line from Perfectly Posh. You don’t have to secretly use your woman’s products anymore (we all know you do it). These have been made especially for you.

Manly Posh


A calming gel for just-shaved skin. Our hydrating aftershave is a blend of aloe, glycerin, jojoba, and macadamia oils that soothes and nourishes shaved skin with a manly scent, restoring moisture and calming irritation and inflammation.

Manly Posh


Show your beard who’s boss with our shave gel designed specifically for men. Aloe vera soothes skin while citrus and botanical extracts moisturize and protect for a close shave and a smooth result that will pass the closest inspection.

Manly Posh


Made with pumice and carbon for a deep clean, and shea butter and glycerin to leave skin soft, our Hunk Chunk is a manly bar designed to get even the grimiest guy clean enough to pass muster with the missus.

Manly Posh


Even a big, strong man wants soft, kissable lips. Moisturize with shea, mango, and cocoa butter, and protect with beeswax for lips no one can resist. With a subtle, herbal outdoor flavor, the Man Lip Balm will keep your lips pucker ready no matter how manly you are.

Manly Posh


Real men repair things, so why not their skin? Smooth our Stud Stick over your roughest, driest areas for instant and lasting relief. Made with shea, cocoa, almond, and macadamia for baby soft skin with a manly man fragrance.


Remember all our products are buy 5 get 1 free. Combine your pampering with pampering for that special person in your life and you can be sure to get free items! You can also earn free Perks points with each and every purchase you make with Perfectly Posh. Make sure to sign up for your free Perks account today!

Contact me with any questions you might have! I will be happy to help you on your road to pampering.

Candace Ellis


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