Bummed and I need to share- Perfectly Posh Unconventional news

I am so bummed right now and this is really the only place I can share why. I am bummed because next week is Perfectly Posh Unconventional in Atlanta and I can’t go! Between family obligations, health concerns and other fun (not so fun) stuff I can’t make it out! I haven’t been this bummed in a long long time because I know how amazing and beneficial this event is for anyone who is a Perfectly Posh Consultant. Last year I learned so much at Perfectly Posh Unconventional Las Vegas and I built so many friendships that I know will go on forever and ever! I was able to hear from the founders, other guest speakers and see how to effectively expand my Perfectly Posh business. I was able to be one of the first to see the new products, try the new products and get my hands on the new catalog. I ate up every moment. It wasn’t all business, it was a lot of fun too! There were games and prizes and even free time to explore the strip. Sigh….. I know this post is rambly and not as upbeat as I usually keep things but I am bummed and I need to share.

So jealous of all the lovely Perfectly Posh consultants that will be enjoying Unconventional in Atlanta this year. NEXT year I will be with you!


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